Cool Tricks By Modular Kitchen Dealers in Kolkata To Choose The Best Kitchen Cabinets

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Whether you are willing to enhance the beauty or value of your kitchen, opting for a kitchen renovation is the best you can do. You need to choose each decorating element very wisely, with kitchen cabinets topping the list. There are a wide variety of products available in the market. You just need to consider their function and form so that you can invest in the right product. The one you invest in should have the right visual impact on the entire aesthetic of your kitchen.

If you are confused which cabinet will help you achieve the look you are willing to attain, there are numerous modular kitchen dealers scattered all over Kolkata to help you out. Let them determine the most suitable cabinet so that you can get the look you are willing to achieve.

4 Things A Modular Kitchen Dealer Considers When Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Modular Kitchen Dealer in Kolkata

• Frame

There are generally two types of cabinet frames for you to choose from, the face frame and the frameless. A 1.5” frame is used for the frontal part of the box when constructing the face frame. These frames are used to mount the cabinet doors. Only the panels are sufficient to construct the frameless cabinets as the doors are directly mounted to the box. Though both the frames help in giving your kitchens a contemporary look, the frameless ones are a bit expensive than the former ones.

• Style Of The Door

The best modular kitchen in Kolkata is the one which reflects your personality and not your budget. This is why you need to consider every element of the cabinets with much importance, including the style of the door. If you are willing to achieve a traditional look, invest in one with a lot of detailing like stiles, rails and raised panels.

• Quality

Even if you feel that all the cabinets look the same, it is actually not so. The price of each cabinet differs and so does their quality. Whichever model you are investing in, just ensure that the product is durable and can last for around 20 years. They are opened, closed, leaned upon, slammed and undergo heavy cleaning too frequently and the only way to prevent any sort of wear and tear is by investing in the right product sourced from a reliable modular kitchen dealer in Kolkata. They ensure that the materials used to construct the cabinets are genuine and of high-quality.

• Stains And Wood Species

There is a wide range of wood species used to manufacture beautiful cabinetry with maple, oak and cherry being quite common. If you really want to know more about the wood species used to construct the cabinetry, have a talk with your modular kitchen dealer. The material used determines the type of stains which will work on them. Generally, maple wood is used to construct the cabinets which are later stained to render them a completely different look.

Since you are now aware of a few things every modular kitchen considers when determining the best cabinet for your space, start looking for the right professional in Kolkata.

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