Read Our Faq

Read Our FaQ

Why Should I Choose Galaxy Interio To Do My Interior Designing Project?

We have years of experience in the furniture industry and our focus is always on manufacturing innovative, creative, elegant, and stylish modular kitchens. Being engaged in Modular Kitchen Manufacturing in Kolkata for years, we provide customised solutions at affordable prices to suit customers having various budgets.

How Long Will You Take To Remodel My Kitchen?

The time taken by us to complete your Wooden Modular Kitchen in Kolkata is completely dependent on the size of the project. There are generally 3 phases through which we complete the project, namely, the design phase, cabinet lead time, and job completion stage.

Can I See Few Examples Of Your Previous Work?

Yes, you can. Feel free to browse through our Modular Kitchen page and get to see numerous examples of our modular kitchen, TV unit, and wardrobe projects. You can also follow us at our official FACEBOOK, GOOGLE+ & YOUTUBE page.

How Can We Help You With The Project?

Being one of the Best Modular Kitchen Manufacturers in Kolkata, it is entirely our responsibility to ensure that the project is completed with the highest standards and within the specified time period. You can also make the entire process smoother by shortlisting few examples of modular kitchen designs, plumbing fixtures or appliances you liked.

What Are Your Payment Terms?

To make it easier for your customers, we ask them to pay a small deposit before the project starts and the balance can be paid after it has been completed. If it is a large designing project, you can also pay in 5 or 6 instalments.

Can I Make Changes In The Design During The Project?

If you are willing to add something which won’t affect the scope of our work, you are free to make the desired changes. If the change affects the cost, we will let you know and ask for an approval before moving on with the changes.

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