Installing Modular Kitchen In Kolkata? Cool Ideas To Utilize The Space

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Since women and other family members spend a majority of their time in the kitchen, installing a modular kitchen to enhance its visual appeal and functionality is indeed a cool idea. Only a well-designed kitchen can become a true reflection of your style and personality. One can estimate how organized you are by having a look at that area.

One of the common problems people generally face is that there isn’t enough room! With innovative kitchen designs being manufactured by reliable companies, you can choose one of those hardware options which can help you save space by keeping you organized. Whether you are planning to install a modular design or renovate the existing one, there are few tips which can help you make utilisation of the available space.

5 Cool Ideas To Make Full Utilization Of Your Modular Kitchen In Kolkata

Pull Out Cabinets

Utilising every inch of the cabinet space becomes easy if you install some pull out cabinets. Not only will it help you declutter or stay organised but you can have easy access to every part of the cabinet without stooping or kneeling. Much effort won’t be required to lift those heavy items. Try to install those pull-out cabinets beneath the kitchen counters.

Cabinet For Drying Dish

Homemakers are always looking for solutions which can make excess water from washed utensils drip directly into the sink. Placing a dish drying rack over the sink will make it easier and more convenient. You can conceal the rack with a wooden front cabinet cover. Make sure it’s similar to the ones already installed in your kitchen so that it can blend well with the interior design. Your utensils will dry and the area won’t look cluttered.


Suppose you require a potato peeler and you can’t find it exactly where you kept it. This will not only waste your valuable time but also ruin your mood. The best is to keep them organised in drawer systems. The modern drawer fittings are a lot different from the traditional designs but offer the best solution to those cluttered drawers. Not only can you keep the cooking spoons, snacks, and cutlery organised but also those pans and pots.

Corner Sink

Companies engaged in modular kitchen manufacturing in Kolkata believe that the easiest solution to make full utilisation of the kitchen corner is by installing a corner kitchen sink. Though installing one of those can be a bit expensive, it will help you to use the corner with ease. There are numerous brands available in the market so you can buy one within your budget or let the manufacturer choose one for you.

Wine Glass Holders

A Hanging Wine Glass Rack will not only keep those fragile glass utensils protected but also enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen area. Installing the rack on the cabinet ceiling is quite easy. It also helps in saving the space in the shelf which the glass would have otherwise taken up. Not many are aware of the fact that cleaning a wine glass holder is also quite easy.

This being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above while installing a modular kitchen and make full utilization of the space!

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