Why Galaxy Interio?

                •  Being an experienced manufacturer of kitchens, we can provide you with customised solution as per your requirements.
                • Do not compromise on the quality of the materials as our motto is to provide the best
                  products at the best price with the best possible service in the industry.
                • Speedy manufacturing process to meet the ever-evolving market demands.
                • Due to mass scale production with modern technology at our state-of-the-art factory, our prices are very competitive without compromising on the quality.

                • Guarantee quick delivery and efficient fittings .
                • Enjoy complete peace of mind and stop worrying about your dream kitchen being damaged as we provide warranty on our products.

Galaxy Made Modular Kitchen v/s Carpenter Made Modular Kitchen.

             • Unlimited and innovative material, design and shutter options.
             • Standardised quality, excellent finish with factory-made kitchens.
             • Innovative storage ideas for maximum space utilisation.
             • Regular updates and control over the kitchen during the manufacturing.
             • Products come with a replacement guarantee as well as warranties.
            • Hassle-free, non-messy renovation as the kitchen is made in the factory,
               and is installed in a few days.
             • Regular after-sales service with an AMC, plus prompt action on complaints.
             • Long-lasting kitchen because of the high quality and regular maintenance
               that gives you greater value for money.

• Limited material, design and shutter options.
• Hand-made, thus lacks precision, finish and quality.
• Lacks the knowledge of storage and space management.
• Little or no-control on the final product.
• No guarantee.
• Time-consuming and highly inconvenient. Messy homes for many days.
• No after-sales service, replacement is troublesome.
• Appears cheaper in the beginning, but the cost escalates through the renovation. In the end, it becomes too expensive.